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New physics is used by the CIA to experiment on the local population in new sci-fi thriller Mark Ridler announces the release of Blue Crystal EXETER, England  Author Mark Ridler  returns to the literary limelight with the release of “Blue Crystal” (published by Xlibris UK), a sci-fi thriller that tells the story of the CIA and MI5 battling to stay one step ahead in the face of new physics. The charge is led by two inventors of two machines that each have different psychological and physical effects.
Important characters lead the story, such as Kingsley Khan, inventor of the EM machine; Henning Horlicks, inventor of the QE machine; Theofanes Raptor, physicist and software engineer; and Julia Barnes, boss of Kingsley, Henning and Theofanes.
The book begins with the CIA operating the EM and QE machines in Exeter, U.K. The machines are generating “The Hum” rumors in the press but they are intent on carrying on. Julia, Kingsley, Henning and Theofanes work together in an office in central Exeter to track down Leather Jacket Man or LJM. In the end, they track down the EM south signal in Alice Springs, Australia and LJM reveals a pertinent fact.
The book has a plot with many twists and turns, maintaining suspense between storylines, says Ridler. [The story] takes the psychological effects to a new level, with hearing voices linked to telepathy.
Ultimately, Ridler invites readers to welcome the idea of a new physics that may greatly affect humanity, and think about how the government would respond if such situation occur.
“Blue Crystal” By Mark Ridler Hardcover | 6×9 in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781984589187 Softcover | 6×9 in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781984589170E-Book | 182 pages | ISBN 9781984589163 Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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