The Deeper Truth

I am someone who suffers with Bipolar Disorder, Mania and Psychosis. I have had quite a few experiences that raise even my weary eyelids.

I say “suffer” because that is what you are supposed to do once you’ve been diagnosed. In particular, every time I have a Manic episode I end up in mental hospital for a month or more.

The trouble is that I’m forced to acknowledge I was “unwell” in order to “get better” and get out of hospital back to normal life. Whereas I feel I was anything but unwell in order to have my extraordinary experiences. Such as “I Move The Sun With My Eyes” and “Talking To The Birds”.

I feel that psychotic experiences such as these point to a Deeper Truth. One that signals a fundamental relationship with the Sun, the Earth and Animals. As such it would be better to celebrate the significance rather than relegate to the “unwell” pile.

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