A Winston Churchill Day

I went to Winston Churchill’s grave at 6 o’clock in the morning on Sunday 13th January 2019. I lay on the stone face down praying and then lay on it face up praying. This was enough for me to pick up a dose of his karma.

I travelled back and forth trying to pick up the trail and ended up going North on the A34 towards Bicester Village. I pulled off at the services to go to Starbucks. As I parked up a crow landed in front of me. I followed him / her around to the left until it flew to the roof of the café, indicating I should go inside.

Inside was pretty dark and the few people there were coughing a lot. I ordered a Teavana Marko with milk.

I decided where I was going and the people indicated to me that Teavana were in a board meeting.

I got back in the car and as I drove out I passed a Downton lorry which indicated I should head South to High Clere Castle, which I did after turning around at the Bicester roundabout.

** Now: I would have been better off doing a rolling cam that day **

The only indications were with the birds as they flew across my field of view and landed on the ground after I turned around at the castle, which was closed to the public.

I then resolved to continue South to Southampton. I drove directly there and was dissuaded from going to the Docks by an ambulance which cut across my path. I ignored it and carried on directly South to the Docks. The I parked up outside Starbucks and observed The birds flying to the South over the sea.

I went inside and got some coffee with banana bread. After considering my options courtesy of voices in my head I elected to get some carrot cake and give it to the birds. As I broke it into pieces the birds started to show the way. I walked South to where the bulk of the birds were, only to find when I got there that the bulk of the birds were now circling around Starbucks. I took this as a sign that I should go back inside, where I concluded another round of negotiation.

After that I got back in the car and encountered a “Taxi” message, then drove around for a bit going across the water and back. The birds were out in force. At one point I arrived at a bridge and there were no birds to be seen. I said “Where are the birds?”, the exact moment at which they hovered into view having been hiding beneath my line of sight.

I then crossed the toll bridge and was about to pay for it at the other side when I got “Card not listed” on my card. So I had to pay with cash.

I then drove around for a bit. I passed a “GOD” banner hanging from the wall of the local church near Salisbury. I took this as meaning I had a decision whether I wanted to be God  or not.

I was running low on fuel and wanted just the bare minimum of petrol, so I topped up with £1.96 of unleaded fuel. I offered my card to the assistant but he declined on the basis that if it was likely to fail then he couldn’t reprocess the transaction as cash. So I paid in cash.

I then carried on in the general direction of Stonehenge which seemed like the most appropriate place to go after the Churchill antics earlier in the day.

I drove past to Winterbourne Stoke in search of more fuel. I had only £30 of cash on me and a failing card, so I was now trapped. I elected to fill up at a cost of £50. I handed over my card to the attendant thinking “This will be interesting”. The transaction succeeded. But this meant I was trading on my agenda not “theirs”.

I headed back to Stonehenge where a length of cloth was being blown horizontal to the East. The entrance was closed and it was plainly blowing a gale. I decided to leave and then passed another length of cloth on the A303.

With a full tank of fuel I elected to ignore the Taxi message and travel back to Oxford by car, which I did.

When I got there I went to Peartree services. I ordered a coffee and went to sit down on my favourite seat, which was unfortunately spoiled by coffee and cigarette remains. There was a receipt on the floor which I picked up and a voice in my head said that I was taking on another man’s bad karma, which in this case was fraud.

After coffee I decided to part with my phone because it had seen better days with 2 years of karma associated with it. So I took out the SIM, put it in my jacket pocket and left the phone on the table. I did not smash it as some reports have suggested. This is the last time I remember having my jacket.

I then went to the car park where my car was next to an AA van. This gave me the idea of karma-trading my car, so I abandoned it with the door open.

This meant I had a walk into town with the option of taking a Taxi as instructed. I began walking but was soon diverted into the middle of the road. I then started interacting with objects left by the side of the road including a metal sign and some rocks.

On the way down Woodstock Road I started interacting with cars, following them back and forth. At one point I was seduced into following right and chased a Taxi for a while. On the way back I got stuck in some railings that were arranged as a trap.

Finally I caught the Taxi as it came back onto the main road. This took me to 64 Cranham Street where the day ended.

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