Minimal Belief Set

I am interested in calculating a set of self-consistent beliefs for use in bootstrapping a Belief Machine. This is similar to the concept of brainwashing all beliefs but is a more useful starting point.

By the way, this blog will now focus on Belief Machine and ditch posts relating to Aliens, Birds and Cars.

So a minimal set of beliefs is as follows:

  • I
  • I am
  • I think
  • I think therefore I am
  • I believe
  • I want (to)
  • I want to believe
  • I choose (to)
  • I choose to believe

Note that a Buddha would choose to start with a completely clean slate and dispense with “I”.

The starting point “I Am” can be represented as the constant 1.0. This can fed into a singular value decomposition / matrix inversion for a solution of a set of linear equations.

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