Mental Health Wars in JR Hospital

I visited JR Hospital in a state of extreme mania in search of some answers. Firstly I went to the reception desk and asked for the Cancer patient ward. They said it was on level 4. So I went inside to find the lift, but got out on level 6 instead. When I went down to level 4 it sent past to level 2 so I got out again.

After some wandering around, I decided to look for the walk-in centre. This was outside and follow the green line round to the right. I passed ambulances waiting to be loaded. When I got to the walk-in-center, I registered my name and then went to wait by the seating area.

At that point I felt like wandering off. With my copy of Mental Health Wars in hand I headed off down the nearest corridor. I followed some people around I got lost, as which point I kicked a door down to get back on track. At this point I tore off some of the pages from my book and left them lying around. I repeated this multiple times until I was down to just the cover and then I decided to leave that too.

When I went back to the walk-in-centre courtesy of some help from a member of staff, I re-registered and was told to sit down once again.

I was finally treated for symptoms of mania, but their verdict was that it was a   mild case so they let me go in free. In view of the fact that I was detained under Section 2 less than 24 hours later, this might seem to be a mistake.

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