A Monumental Day

I left the house jacket status unknown. It wasn’t clear to me that I would be coming back so left my keys by the front door ajar. Mobile phone had previously been dispensed with and my wallet had been wedged into the far corner of my room, along with some universal stuff.

I doubt that anyone entered the house, other than my housemate who retrieved my keys. Or so I am led to believe. I Trust the People on that one. When I left the house I did not know where I was going. So again I Trusted only this time the Universe.

When I walked past the Co-op on Walton Street, I had lost my jacket (if I indeed had it) and lost my KillStar Bird Man T-Shirt in Black and White. Memory serves me poorly so was likely in the grip of Mania by now. I notice that the Parkinson’s-like problem with my writing has improved since reducing my medication. Returning to Now, Then as opposed to Now, Now, I was escorted inside out of the cold, by the Security Manager. They phoned to get me help but it took ages to arrive. He gave me his jacket which made me feel like Manager so I walked around the store, directing operations. In the end I returned the jacket and went on my way. It was cold outside and as I approached the monument, I felt an urge to strip off naked. The Police arrived shortly afterward …

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