Aliens Are Among Us

On Monday 14th January 2019 I witnessed an amazing thing. Admittedly this was while I was believed to be under a spell of Bipolar Disorder on the way to being taken into mental hospital.

I saw a line of cars coming towards me whilst I was sat in a Police Car at the junction of St Giles and the street that leads up to Worcester College in Oxford. It was getting dark and so the cars were putting their lights on.

I saw the car headlights change shape to have an uplifted corner of the “eye”. This reminded me of an Alien Encounter and I thought no more about it until I realized that the whole stream of cars was having the same issue. I also noticed some lights and highlights higher up on the cars that looked like Alien Faces. Altogether it looked like a car full of Aliens was in each Car.

It then occurred to me that I could interact with them and so I blinked a number of times. The faces changed in various ways. It became my job to detect which cars had Aliens in them as part of border control.

The other lights I saw split into 3 horizontal and 3 vertical elements so 6 points in total. This included a couple of Bicycles.

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