Cutting Google Out Of The Loop

My decision to switch off low-level logging in the form of emails from me to me is having consequences. I am now looking at other emails from me to my children to see whether I can cut these out too.

I notice that I used email to contact Esther about arrangements with Nanny Sue and Grumpy. Whereas my message to Alex yesterday was via text message. I have chosen to respond by text.

I also notice that I was approached by Prostate Cancer fundraisers at the station. I declined to take up their offer. Does this mean I am now likely to catch a dose of that?

I also notice that Nanny Sue’s broken arm takes her out of doing the washing. Is this due to bad Karma on my part? I should take back the job of doing it altogether.

I also notice that I’ve caught a dose of Accounting. I seem to be keeping my receipts for the first time in history!

Cutting Google out of my phone is more tricky. I can go to DuckDuckGo but I can’t replace Android without going to a new handset.

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