To: Richard Dawkins Foundation


I tried posting on your I Choose To Believe thread but my comment was moderated. Is this because you think I’m a Crackpot?

I have what I Believe is a (relatively) unique skill. I can, on request, take on a Belief and live my life as if it were true, seeing where it leads. In a difficult case it can land me in trouble and at that point I am likely to believe it is false, having found a contradiction.

I then report back my findings. I charge as much as you want to spend. In many cases I can answer the question based on previous experience for $100 an hour. If the budget is larger then I basically charge expenses for the impact its having on my life. In the extreme case I can end up in mental hospital with a dose of mania.

You might say I am mad. Actually this is something I already know. I have a Bipolar diagnosis.

For example you might ask me to take on the Belief: “I live in a deterministic universe”.

I already have the Belief: “I have the Belief Machine skill”.

What happens when you ask me to take on the Belief: “I don’t have the Belief Machine skill”?



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