Pushing My Luck

In some situations when I try operating out of the Safe Zone it works and I have a delightful response, whereas in other situations it all goes horribly wrong, or I just get ignored altogether.

As a case in point, I had packed up to go home today and was walking towards the lift when a particularly attractive young lady walked in the other direction into the kitchen to join a group of men. I dilly-dallied for a moment and then decided to retrace my steps. With that the men all left the kitchen leaving me to enter where I could now see two women. I squeezed in between them and went over to the sink to get a glass of water. As I turned around, I got a beaming smile from the (more) attractive one while she waited her turn.

Completely the reverse happened back in 2016 when I was driving my dark green Mazda MX5 into town in Exeter. As I approached Sidwell Street roundabout I experienced blinding sunlight and was unable to see anything at all. I brought the car to a complete stop. I then crept forward in a desperate attempt to see traffic from the right. At that point a woman on a bicycle with child in tow cut across the front of, screaming as if I was trying to murder her.

I notice that I tend to push my luck more when I’m Manic.

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