Karma In Action

Every interaction with the universe involves a transfer of Karma.

Just sitting still interacts with the air you breathe and the chair or cushion you sit on.

I feel like I’m running on steroids here.

  • Mark Ridler tells stories
  • Mark Mansfield was manic

I had a change of name around the time I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2014. I changed it back when my marriage fell apart in 2015.

If you want to read about my spell of Mania you can visit:

My mania levels have increased recently. I’m doing things like pacing around corridors marking out my territory and following other people around.

I notice that I tend to write short punchy sentences when I’m manic. Whereas you get more fully formed paragraphs when I’m normal. This implies I’ve just gone from manic to normal because the paragraphs suddenly got longer when I posted my book reference above.

For me:

  • Normal is operating in the Past (or Future)
  • Manic is operating in the Present

I have found my voice when I write short sentences.

Found the Past / Present switch here.

Getting back to Karma, walking around or touching things marks out your territory. Other people will respond whether they’re consciously aware of it or not.

Following other people replaces their trail with yours.

I once had an experience in Waitrose where I was fully in the grip of Mania. I started on the right hand side as I went through the entrance, followed it round to the back of the store where there was a strategically displayed bottle of wine. I then retraced my steps back to the entrance and followed the store round to the left, arriving at the same bottle of wine from the other direction. I returned to the entrance once more and this time marked out the aisles. When I reached a group of young women in the middle of the store I went back the other way, arriving back at them a number of times. Then one of them said “Ever get the feeling we’re being herded like a bunch of cats?”. She was obviously aware of what I was doing at some level.

When you follow a trail this way, you will notice people responding with coughs and sneezes along the way.

The point is that all of this just transfers Karma around. You can choose which trails you follow in life and the consequences may be largely unconscious. Or you can do it fully consciously like me.

To be fair I dropped the Karma belief when I recovered from Mania. So I have been unconscious of my actions for several years.

I now find that I’m conscious once again.

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