Desperately Seeking Me

This is the title of my first book on Amazon. Note that my former name was Mark Mansfield…



This book tells the true story of Mark Mansfield, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2014.. It was quite a wild ride. Thanks to an email-based diary that he kept, this is one of the most detailed accounts of one man’s journey into and back from mania.

In particular, it shows what it was like to suffer from psychosis, losing touch with reality, from the point of view of the person suffering the symptoms. This includes both delusions and hallucinations. The book also makes the case that Mark was suffering from enough mental health traits to qualify for borderline personality disorder too.

The book focuses on events that are significant to mental health, given in chronological order. This includes an initial diagnosis of depression, a blizzard of stress-related episodes, detentions under Section 136 and Section 2, a criminal conviction and divorce.

Mark thought that he encountered numerous celebrities along the way, including Derren Brown, the actors from Spooks, Bernie Ecclestone, John Cleese, Fiona Bruce, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton and Julia Roberts. He also sent messages in the hope they would get through to Richard Dawkins, Top Gear and Nigella.

The final episode led up to a grand delusion where Mark thought that Madonna wanted to marry him. Even Barack O’bama wanted to know what was going on.

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