Combining Book and Blog

  • The Power Of Now (TPON) is a book on spiritual enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle.
  • Write And Burn (WAB) is my blog to dig deeper into myself in search of answers.

On the face of it, they are not compatible. By it’s very definition a blog is a web log, a stream of posts that stretch back into the past.

Whereas Eckhart Tolle advocates dissociating with the past in order to keep a clean sheet in the present.

I am considering the benefits of combining the 2 approaches. Yes, a blog is in the past, but it’s like a computer log … it can be useful. We just need to be careful not to be overly identified with it.

I could adopt an approach where I systematically bin posts older than a day so as to keep the past problem in check. But do we really believe that makes my mental state any better? Yes I can visit WAB to remind myself of past events … isn’t that useful?

I will continue with WAB and for now I will periodically bin older posts that don’t seem to make the grade. For example I got rid of “Psycho Lady and the Zappy Machine” because it seemed overly identified with an experience I had when I was manic.

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