Meditation Time

I will incorporate The Power Of Now teachings into my life. Then I will live moment to moment and see what happens. Hopefully not Mania which did happen the last time I tried this.

  • I’ve already had a clear out and it wasn’t as if I had much to start with
  • Treasured objects on display are down to bismuth
  • Treasured objects in my box are missing the 3 superhero mugs
  • I’ll probably get rid of Blue Crystal, mammoth jaw, pyramid and malachite and pyrite eggs.
  • I’m living much more in the present, maybe 30%
  • It isn’t clear whether I’ll continue this blog.
  • Either way Write And Burn has a kind of negative ring to it, which I no longer like.
  • If a blog represents the past then is the act of blogging in the past or the present?

I’m seriously stumped as to what I’m going to do next. Probably a lot of meditation seeing as I’m the only one in 90% of my life.

Latest Update: Having meditated on it I will carry on with this blog. This is my way of getting social contact and the act of blogging is very much in the present.

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