Roll Your Own Religion

I have wrestled with this one for quite some time. I consider myself a Zen Buddhist in the sense that I follow the Buddha’s teachings having been shown the way by Osho.

However, I disagree on a fairly major point which is the Buddhist doctrine of “Living In The Moment”. For my money there are 2 ways of doing it

  1. Out Of Balance
  2. In Balance

Where 1 implies Mania, which I hope we can all agree is not a good thing.

This leaves 2 which again splits into 2 cases:

  • With Self
  • No Self

Buddhists contend that losing yourself via an Ego Death is the only way of doing it, with the advantage that Past and Future become impossible without Self. This is also the position adopted by Eckhart Tolle. Whereas I contend that it’s perfectly possible to visit the Present in a Balanced way with Self on board.

Even Buddhists claim that the Mind and hence the Self still exist as a tool to be used to visit Past and Future when desired.

I am not claiming that Ego Death is not possible, I am simply saying that it is not necessary to live a Balanced life . You just need your Self to be in Balance.

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