Placing Treasured Objects On My Heart

This is one of the weird things I do.

It works with smallish objects that have some meaning, for example a meteorite or a pyrite egg that was bought as a present by my ex wife.

I imagine my connection to the object and the other person if appropriate. Then I see if it brings up any sensations in my heart, for example a sensitive tingly feeling.

I believe that the universe maintains connections between people in this way. Or a meteorite puts me in touch with the universe itself.

I know. I’m weird.

Inventory of treasured objects:

  • Photo of Me and My Children
  • Blue Crystal agate geode
  • Mammoth Hip bought by Mum
  • NWA Unclassified Meteorite
  • Carbonaceous Chondrite Meteorite
  • Bismuth Crystal bought by Daughter
  • Obsidian Pyramid reminds of Son
  • Pyrite Egg bought by ex wife
  • Mammoth Jaw Bone bought by Me
  • Batman Mug
  • Superman Mug
  • Doctor Who Mug

I’m sure the order of priority gives you an insight into my Egotistical nature. Placing my kids first and owning them as Mine. What order would you place them in?

Answers on a postcard please

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