Osho Was Manic

My ticket into the world of Osho was via the Osho Zen Tarot Cards. Which are very good by the way because they include a 1-line meaning on every card.

I investigated his name and found that he was a spiritual leader in the ’70s and ’80s, a bit like a modern day Jesus Christ but associated with Zen Buddhism. In particular he was the leader of the controversial Rajneesh movement which started in India and ended in the USA.

I have read numerous books on the subject and have come to the conclusion that he was someone who was finding his own way in life regardless of what anyone else thought. That said he was well versed in many religious texts and I believe based his outlook on Buddhism, though this is hotly disputed.

In particular, I believe he took the Buddhist doctrine of Living In The Moment to heart. He lived the dream and saw where it led, sometimes getting into trouble with the law.

If you read his descriptions of what it’s like to be a sannyasin (one of his disciples) you’ll find that it reads like a recipe for Mania.

This is my beef with Buddhist doctrine. It encourages people to move out of the Past and Future into the Present. What it does not do is give a massive health warning which is that positive spirals of thought and emotion (Strange Loops) can be just as damaging as negative ones.

Maybe Osho was hypomanic and therefore would have qualified for a Bipolar II diagnosis. Or perhaps he was fully manic and therefore Bipolar Type I. I am speculating but I hope you get my point.

2 thoughts on “Osho Was Manic

  1. Every person who preaches himself as a spiritual guru or leader and tries to gain fan following is nothing but a fraud.
    If you look at the epitaphs of old texts, I’m sure you would find that the gurus and rishis used to live a life of austerity and never mingled with the sopsiticated civilization.

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