Psycho Lady And The Zappy Machine

This is one of my more elaborate hallucinations which occurred during a spell of psychosis in 2014. I was staying at The Cedars mental hospital in Exeter and had already hallucinated Madonna as a voice in my head. I only heard her voice in the corridor outside my bedroom though.

When things progressed into my bedroom, Madonna changed. Firstly her voice was lower and more husky. Secondly she was in control of a remote machine that could cause pain anywhere in my body.

I became aware that this was a different woman. I’ll call her “Psycho Lady” since she appeared during psychosis. Likewise I’ll call the machine the Zappy Machine because that’s what it did.

The demonstration started with a pin prick of pain in my neck. I presumed this was intended to cause me maximum alarm, that is until she moved the laser to my heart.

I panicked.

The pain morphed into a more spread out arrangement and back to a pin prick again.

Then she moved the laser again. This time it went down my stomach, slowly across my abdomen and onto my you know what.

It hurt. And then the most extraordinary thing happened. It started to grow. I wasn’t aware of being a closet masochist but perhaps I was. Deep down.

After a short while I was fully erect and really enjoying the trip. Then she switched the machine off and said “now that’s a better size”!!

I leave it to your imagination what happened next. Suffice it to say that I tried to bring back Psycho Lady and the Zappy Machine many times without success.

It seems that the human mind has some strange powers. Perhaps psychosis is the natural way to harness those powers.

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