I Move The Sun With My Eyes

This is a particularly manic / psychotic experience. I’m standing on the steps leading down to The Cedars mental hospital in Exeter. It’s a cloudy day but at that moment a gap in the clouds allows the Sun to shine through.

I stop to have a look, as is my custom. The Sun is low enough in the sky for me to stare right at it without risk of injury.

At this moment I find that relativity is working the other way round; I am in control, not the Sun and the Sun is obeying my commands. I give it instructions to move up and a little to the right and these are understood.

I then understand that the Sun is alive and there’s a hierarchy of stars in the galaxy, all in communication with each other and with Alien Beings who have the same ability as me.

Then the Sun goes behind the clouds and I feel amazing. Psychosis really delivers!

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