An Ego Bigger Than A Planet

After reading the last post “I Move The Sun With My Eyes” I’m sure you’re thinking “he’s nuts”; and you’d be right.

Psychosis brings an inability to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Mania brings a tendency to inflate the ego in a fist-banging kind of way. Put the 2 together and you can suspend disbelief long enough to think you can move the Sun; for real.

5 thoughts on “An Ego Bigger Than A Planet

  1. I’m happy to find your blog. I’m 24 — diagnosed this year, but only after a 4 month mania and 2 week psychosis. I got help after running my car into a tree at 50mph. Veered off the road, thinking I was being pulled to where the meeting would be held (you know — the important meeting — the “save the world” meeting). I came to wrapped around a tree, thinking the rest of life would be dying, over and over. This was a car accident death, and all the witnesses/first responders were my relatives. I kept calling out things like, “It’s okay! This one isn’t bad!” or “Last week was worse!” because I was hallucinating the horrendous ways I’d died. I could see my dead body on the pavement from my car, having gone through the windshield in a car accident parallel to this one. Anyway, my bad for the long comment: It’s easy to start typing once I start recalling. It’s all 100% real at the time, isn’t it? Talk about a trip. Thank you for sharing your ride. I’m enjoying it.

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    1. Hi Anna, Thank you for sharing your road trip. That sounds very dramatic! I’m 48 diagnosed 5 years ago after a mania and several episodes of psychosis later in hospital. Yes it all seems so real! Part of me wants to object but that part is kept in the background seemingly. You’re my first comment so thanks very much. Mark x

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  2. Your first comment! I’m honored. I’ve been on WordPress for a little under a week. I’m sucked into it, big time. Neat to read thoughts I wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

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