Manic Thoughts

Here I am at the Route 5 American Bar & Grill. Location as used in my fictional book “Mental Health Wars”.

This is a particularly manic thing to do. Reconnect with the past and see if it throws anything up for the future.

Dennis Hopper Easy Rider. With a Harley Davidson in the centre of the restaurant.

Getting pestered to buy food. Coffee not enough.

Mania appears to have stopped. That’s a good thing. Most likely the medication is keeping it under control.

Which leads me to think about the manic stream of story-telling I did and how it has since dried up. This blog is a case in point. Like squeezing a quart out of a pint pot.

So what next? Peace and Tranquillity is not a great source of inspiration for writing.

Back to WAB for real I guess …

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