Living With Bipolar Disorder

I have come to realize that I won’t be recovering from BD, rather that I will be living with it instead. I will be on medication for life, so I’d better get used to it:

  • Paliperidone 100 mg / month
  • Lithium 800 mg / day
  • Sertraline 100 mg / day

IMHO the most important thing is to learn to accept all of this. Bear in mind that there are side-effects. And to start with I wasn’t on any sertraline at all so was suffering with symptoms of depression. Having finally settled on 100 mg as the right dose (150 mg leads to symptoms of mania), I am optimistic that I can live my life on this combination of dosages.

For the record:

  • Paliperidone is an anti-psychotic
  • Lithium is a mood-stabiliser
  • Sertraline is an anti-depressant

It took years of repeated hospital admissions before they settled on paliperidone. The ones they tried were:

  • Olanzapine (depressant)
  • Quetiapine (sedative)
  • Depixol (agitative)

Both depixol and paliperidone were / are administered monthly by injection because they don’t trust me taking oral medication. To be fair I did have a spell of coming off medication altogether which rapidly resulted in another hospital admission.

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