Aspiration to Discover

The immediate goal is to write what’s on my mind and in my body. That’s a case of living in the present and the method of Write And Publish has more or less the same effect as Write And Burn. Note that it’s a bit ego-centric but that’s where I am in life.

The long term goal is to discover things. Buddhists don’t go on voyages of self discovery, since the self has to disappear along the road to enlightenment. However they can experience the world.

I am optimistic that every time I get into difficulty and am driven to Write And Publish, there will be an opportunity to learn something. As a Buddhist, knowledge is poisoned so it’s the experience that counts. Intuition relies on its own store of memory, separate from the mind.

I reserve the right to Write And Burn for real. Particularly private thoughts and feelings are candidates for that. Thus Write And Publish may not be a complete record.

I just had a troubling thought. If this blog is all about my Aspiration to Discover then I could just as easily discover my self as the world. Whereas I’m supposed to lose myself, not make it bigger. Likewise having a desire is not something to let on about in Buddhist circles.

I want to know what it’s like to be Buddha.

But knowledge is the mind’s desire and is poisonous. Also I can’t literally be Buddha.

The closest I can come is to experience Buddha.

Perhaps I already experience Buddha.

I am Buddha (metaphorically)

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